Plant-based Foods in Korea (Coupang Version)

Photo by Anna Pelzer on Unsplash

Here are some plant-based foods that you could order from Korea’s version of Amazon (Coupang)

*This is list based on my personal experience with these products. Therefore taste preferences may vary.

*all links are affiliate links that support me in trying other plant-based foods!

*The list will be continuously updated! (edited on 20/11/26)

Plant-based Korean Crackers:

  1. Eat’s Better Cracker — Flavors: Choco-Cinmon, Earl Grey, Mugwort, Yakkong

Plant-based Ice Cream:

  1. Natuur Ice Cream — Flavors: cashew-vanilla, coconut-pineapple

Plant-based drinks:

  1. Maeil Flavored Soy Milk-Flavors:Chocolate, 0% Sugar, Grain

Plant-based Sauces:

  1. Eats better Mayo-flavors: Chipotle, Spicy Pepper, Plain

Plant-based Instant Noodles:

  1. Blackbean instant noodles
  2. Potato Ramen
  3. Otuggi Vegetable Ramen

Main Dish Product:

  1. Air Oven Chicken!- vegan “boneless” chicken pops
  2. Korean Galbi-vegan Korean BBQ

End Of List! I hope you enjoyed the Korean Plant-based List!




Data Scientist (startup) Interested all Data and AD Tech. Based in South Korea.

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Ik Sung Lee

Ik Sung Lee

Data Scientist (startup) Interested all Data and AD Tech. Based in South Korea.

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